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Vinyl vs. Aluminum Fencing: Make a Better Choice

Surrounding your property with fencing is a great way to upgrade the privacy and security of your property without sacrificing your space or style. There are a few areas you must consider before you decide how you fence your yard, such as driveway security gates, style, cost, maintenance, and security. Fencing is not at all about compromising the style and decor of the house, but with modern fencing, you can match your house exterior and interior with fencing to get everything in sync. 

While wood is considered a traditional fencing material, there are plenty of other options available in the market. Many property owners these days are switching to more modern and secure fencing options rather than going with traditional ones, such as vinyl and aluminum fences. 

When it comes to vinyl and aluminum fencing, it is a challenge to know which fencing type is best for your property. Let’s check out these points for choosing vinyl vs. aluminum fences

Which one is right for you? 

The material you choose will have an enormous effect on the overall fencing project. The amount you will pay, the end fence look, durability, and maintenance required, these all factors depend upon the material you choose for the fencing. Line up your requirements and get straight with the benefits of the material you can provide and decide which is the perfect choice for you. 

Which is the best material for privacy? 

What’s your end goal, open free feel or a more private outdoor space? In the case of open free space, aluminum fences are the best choice. You can fence around your property, however, maintaining the view of the surroundings. On the other side, vinyl fencing provides much privacy. In comparison with aluminum or wood fences, there are options available in vinyl fencing that leave no visible space between slates resulting in much privacy. 

Which one is stronger? 

Aluminum fences and gates strike in the battle of being strong. A comparatively light material but still is able to handle much weight and abuse. Experts and property owners themselves also have noticed that aluminum lasts longer or it can actually end up lasting a lifetime. However, vinyl is also a strong fencing material, and it can also last up to 20 to 30 years. But it cannot quite match the strength and durability of aluminum. 

Which one needs more care and attention? 

Here comes a tie; both of the materials need very little maintenance over time. No material requires repainting or restaining anytime soon after installation. Additionally, it can bear seasonal changes and can stand up to sudden climate changes. Unlike wood fencing, these are impervious to molds and bugs. Aluminum and vinyl gate driveway and fences, both options, will require less care and attention and will keep the functioning and beauty at par. 

Summing it up, there are no certain rules about which one is better. There are points like beauty and cost depends on the design you want and the area you will cover. These points are overall opinion based. However, we have tried our best to solve your confusion over vinyl vs. aluminum. 

Fancy Fence East specializes in both the material with driveway security retractable gates to various fences. We are always here to serve you with the best services and materials to give you desired results. Contact us now!

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