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Fancy Fence® is represented in the eastern region of the United States from Minnesota to Louisiana and all points East by Modern Fence Holding LLC, based in New York City.

Fancy Fence® was introduced to the world in 2014 and came to the United States in 2017. Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Poland, our patent protected retracting fence system is unlike any other on the market. At Fancy Fence construction installation, and after-workmanship are guaranteed with the best quality.

High Security

Endless Customization

Manual Mode

Unique Design

Narrow & Slopping Approaches

Fast Open & Close

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Our system draws on typical gate fundamentals with a simple design that is faster, quieter, safer, and more secure, with exceptional modern style. Highly customizable, our gates start at 6.5 feet with no limit to length. We also offer pedestrian gates and fixed fencing to give you a complete system.
No matter how custom your project is, we will be here for you to find the best solutions. We have a team of professional designers, engineers, and installation partners who understand the technical aspects that can bring solutions to your project’s unique challenges. Our professional fence installation provides you peace of mind and works to result in utter satisfaction.
We listen to your ideas and will walk you through the process from concept to installation. The system can come turnkey where we provide the vault installation, or stand alone and your GC can source it through their network. Either way, we will be there with you every step of the way. We also provide post installation warranty, commissioning, and maintenance.
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We are expanding and want to find the right partnerships throught our region. We are looking for installation companies who have experience in commercial, multi-family, public space, and high-end residential projects.
If you are a professional fence installer who is always looking for unique, innovative fence solutions and you have the experience and team to promote and install one of the most exclusive products on the market, we would like to hear from you.

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locked retracable fences
General Open/Close Fence and Gate Scheme

general scheme

Public Space Scheme Image

public space

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safe zones

Swimming Pool Glass Fence Design Image

swimming pool

gate mechanism components

1. Load carrying beam (excluding fixed pickets)

2. Guide v-groove wheels with fasteners and adjustment mechanism

3. Guiderails with adjustment mechanism

4. Transverse and longitudinal supports

5. Counterweight sheaves

6. Counterweight wire ropes with fasteners and attachment hardware

7. Counterweight holder (excluding counterweights)

8. Gate de-coupling system for manual operation

9. Gear rack support bar (including rack)

10. Steel cover plate standard load capacity carrying of up to 3.5 t GVM

11. Holes cut for standard pickets 60x40 fastening holes cut

12. Anti-slip coated fine structure mat

13. Fasteners for attaching covers

14. Standard RAL, powder coated

15. Special Design - Different picket section and clearance (min. 70)

16. Standard hot dipped galvanized steel