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Discover Fancy Fence Retracting Gate Installation Advantages

Fancy Fence® retracting gate installation offers numerous advantages, making it a desirable choice for various settings. One of the critical fancy fence advantages is its versatility, as these gates can be configured in unlimited lengths and are particularly suitable for challenging design conditions.

One of the notable retracting gates' advantages is their simplicity in design, which translates to ease of installation, use, and maintenance. This holds true for Fancy Fence® retracting gates as well. Their straightforward design ensures that the installation process is hassle-free and makes them user-friendly for everyday operation.

When it comes to fencing system installation advantages, Fancy Fence® retracting gates offer an additional advantage that addresses both inclement weather and environmental concerns. These gates are intelligently designed to incorporate drainage features, allowing for efficient water management during adverse weather conditions.

High Security

Endless Customization

Manual Mode

Unique Design

Narrow & Slopping Approaches

Fast Open & Close

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Retractable Fence and Gate Scheme
1. Removable covers
2. Manual mode cover
3. Counterweight
4. Drive
5. Drainage pump
6. Movable gate wing
7. Concrete gate trough
8. Fence
9. Photocells
10. Signal lamps


Standard Picket: hot dipped galvanized, powder coated, standard RAL, 40x60x3mm
Pickets can be customized to fit your specific design needs.
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Painted Steel Picket Design Image
Painted Steel
Glass Picket Design Image
Quartz Pickets Image
Coreten Picket Design Image

cover plates

Standard: Hot dipped galvanized, 3.5 GVM, C3, standard RAL
Upgrade: H-20 Rating
Recessed: Up to 100mm deep
Custom: C4-C5, 304/316 stainless, non-standard RAL
Standard Steel Cover Design Image
Painted Steel
Empty Cover Design Image
Any Filling Picket Design Image
Painted Steel


Any Filling Picket JPG Image


Any Filling Design JPG Image



Fancy Fence® is the only system on the market that may be installed on an incline without having to level the ground around it.
Perpendicular Slope Picket Design Image
Painted Steel
Parallel Slope Inclined Line Design Image 1
Parallel Slope Inclined Line Design Image